Helping you out-think,

                                                                                out-market and

                                                                                           out-sell your competition


Through a coaching process, SkillMasters will help you clarify your direction, strategise your actions and develop your skills. 

What is Coaching?

One cannot coach a business or organisation, one can only coach people. For a business, the environment within that business or organisation is often a reflection of the skills of the people running it. For a job seeker, the job they have is not always a reflection of their skill level but their level of confidence. SkillMasters definition of coaching is… “to expand the skills and paradigms of individuals so they can become the best they can be through a process of education using the tools of self- awareness, motivation and encouragement”

A Coach helps people to...                                                          People hire a Coach because...

Clarify their direction.                                                                              They have a goal

 Strategise their actions.                                                                          They are unhappy with their current situation

Upgrade their skills.                                                                                 They are having trouble achieving their goal

Optimise their environment.                                                                     They see that the coach understands their situation and can see what they                                                                                                                   are going through.

Master their psychology.                                                                          They feel that a coach can help them overcome their challenges and                                                                                                                             accomplish their goals.

Coaching For Business Owners

No "off-the-shelf" programmes here! In consultation, you and SkillMasters will design your program to fit with what YOU want. 

Coaching For Job Hunters

As an employee in today’s marketplace, if you want to stand out from the crowd there are 3 key steps to take:

                  1. Be aware of how others see you versus how you want to be seen

                  2. Create a CV that becomes your "Sales Brochure"

                  3. Prepare for your interview.

Let us explain how it works for everyone...

As a business owner seeking to grow your business or an individual seeking employment, it is time to start thinking about how others see you and how you want to be seen.  This is all about creating value around who you are, what you do and how you do it.

To help with this we have created  Launching The Brand Called YOU ... a guide to help you define your answers to the following questions:

  •  What makes You different?
  •  What's the real power of You?
  •  What's loyalty to You?  
  •  What's the future of You?

Launching The Brand Called YOU  ... will guide you through:

  • What a personal Brand is
  • How to identify what makes you different
  • How to integrate your Values into your brand so they work for you
  • How to identify what Loyalty is and what it really means to you
  • How to put a plan in place to guide your future brand
  • How to put your "Rules of the Game" together for you


To find out more call Rob at SkillMasters on 0274 452 757 or email for a confidential chat.